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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Surgery was Postponed

Hi all, I decided that I need to apologize for not updating you on my surgery. I was to have surgery on my shoulder last Thursday and it got postponed again because I came down with a bad cold, so yet again it has been pushed back. My shoulder has been improving everyday and I have started thinking I don't really need this surgery but I guess I need to get it fixed so that it doesn't keep doing this. I've been trying to really hard to space my stamping and not to re injury it.
I really appreciate the well wishes and prayers you have been sending my way!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becky said...

You poor thing.. I do hope everything works out well for you Geri..

Shirley said...

TY for sharing this. LOLOLOL Things always get better I think the closer one gets to the appointment or even at the doctor's office. :-) I just paid $700 for eyeglasses to keep from having deviated septum surgery, saying it would be cheaper and I wouldn't have to go to a hospital as a patient. LOLOLOL Good luck with your surgery and I will be thinking about you are probably wiser than I am!!

Linda said...

i'm smiling - I have you in my head in some total arm sling in major pain...so glad that is NOT the case! and it's true, we always feel better sitting at the Dr's or knowing it's going to get fixed...with it feeling better - maybe the surgery wouldnt be as bad? will keep praying for ya (-:

Olga said...

you hang in there and we'll keep praying!!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Hi, Geri! Such a nice, sweet surprise to see your comment today! Thank you so much, Sweetie!

And so sorry to hear about your shoulder issues ... you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you'll be better soon!


Tania said...

So sorry... I hope they can get you in soon.